Romeo & Julio & Friends: The official scoop from the author himself

This romance / LGBTQ story will inspire you, make you cry, make you want to root for the couple, make you believe in the power of love, it will motivate you, it will scare you, it will and can be a source to help you overcome while also move forward with life, it is a guide on living right and finally it will be an afterthought to the William Shakespeare original.

For the protagonist it is shared between Romeo and Julio.

At the start of the story, it becomes known to Julio that Romeo is the long-time boyfriend of Poppy, Julio’s sister’s friend.

Romeo is in love with Poppy but isn’t sure whether he wants to take that next step in the relationship.

When Romeo meets Julio, a spark is ignited in him that he hasn’t felt with others. However, Romeo is loyal to Poppy and isn’t the type to be deceitful.

When Hassan appears in the story Julio is at a point where he believes he is stalking him. Julio thought he was in love with Hassan, but he was very young, and Hassan made an impression on him.

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