Red, White & Royal Blue book review

Such a good storyline idea of a Prince and a President’s son in a relationship.

They are a powerful gay golden couple, and the tale is portrayed in an empowering way. Not just two men who hook up for the sake of it.

Casey McQuiston’s writing is spot on. Alex is a strong, charismatic, and intelligent character that fits with Prince Henry’s calm and humble personality.

A shame I had to wait 100 pages until the first kiss, but I was engaged with the story throughout its 300 – 400 pages.

The love / hate beginning of Alex and Prince Henry’s relationship was written very well. Prince Henry’s portrayal was more of than just a royal. He had so much personality. To me it was a true love story.

However, would a British Prince and a son of the President of the United States really fall in love in real life? Not because of being born in different countries but because of both of their statuses. But if Prince Harry and American Actress Meghan Markle fell in love, got married and had children anything is possible when it concerns love.

Casey’s knowledge or research into British and American culture was spot on. As a gay British man, I was engaged.

The ending made me feel like a real movement was happening for women and the LGBTQ community with Ellen (Alex’s Mother) retaining her place as the First Female President of the United States of America and Prince Henry’s Mum (Princess Catherine) fighting with the British Queen and standing up to her for Alex and Henry to be together.

Every chapter was written in detail right from the start.

Something I personally wanted more from the story was more from the supporting characters.

I want Casey to write a second part to the story where Prince Henry and Alex go all the way and get married.

I sincerely believed that Alex’s love healed Henry and Henry healed Alex’s loneliness.

I highly recommend this book to readers who love romance and for young people and old of the LGBTQ community.

Also, to people who love all things royal and politics.

Casey McQuiston should be proud. She did a really good job writing this masterpiece.

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