Backstory of Romeo Moses and Julio Clifford

Romeo Moses is a 29-year-old White British and Italian male. His Mother is British, and his Father is Italian born.

He grew up in Ealing, West London.

In his twenties he became a model after he was scouted while shopping with his Mother in the City of London while they were shopping for Christmas presents.

He studied in Architecture at Central Saint Martins and later found a junior position with a company after graduating.

He models part time.

Romeo met Poppy on a modelling assignment.

Romeo is in love with Poppy but isn’t sure whether he wants to take that next step in the relationship. They have been together for a few years.

Romeo is known as straight but is bisexual and has had relations with gay men in his younger years.


Julio Clifford is a 25-year-old Black British and South African while also Spanish man. His parents are Black British with South African descent.

He grew up in Hertfordshire, North London.
Julio first met Poppy when he was in his childhood and Poppy was a neighbour who used to play with his older sister. Poppy used to braid Julio’s hair and would let Julio in their slumber parties.

They had innocent crushes on footballer Ashley Cole and singer Justin Timberlake while growing up.

In Julio’s youth he was outed at school at 15 by another student leading him to suffer abuse from his peers. During that time, he had best friend Rowan for support while also Elle and Kano.

At 16, he began dating school friend Sam who he knew from youth club and at the timing of the beginning of the story Julio believes Sam is his true love. His intention is to rekindle what he once had with him.

At 17, in sixth form Julio aspired to become a designer but his grades were bad as he was focused on his relationship with Sam. In order to help Julio his parents researched design companies that took on interns and found a design company leading him to quit sixth form.

Julio later had an affair with his much older colleague Hassan, broke up with Sam and married Hassan. Julio suddenly realised Hassan’s true personality and found him to be distant and emotionally abusive.

Julio eventually came to the point of no more putting up with Hassan’s ways when he verbally abused him at a work conference. Julio later filed for divorce.

Julio thought he was in love with Hassan, but he was very young, and Hassan made an impression on him. Julio loved his way of life and there was passion although it wasn’t a love that Julio could live with.

Julio is not afraid of Hassan as he does believe he loves him, but he can be a dangerous man.

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